Vocabulary words about the Y5B Bug:

  • batteries: something you will need buy a lot of in advance of the Y5B billennium

  • chromosphere: part of the Sun that is above the photosphere. It is several thousand miles thick, but because the gases in the chromosphere are so thin and emit very little light, the chromosphere is hard to see.   The act of fearing chrome.

  • cold day: the projected weather forecast in Y5B after a heat wave

  • convection zone: a zone in a star where convection is the main mode of energy transport. A surface convective zone like the Sun's is involved in the production of its magnetic field.  If someone feels strongly about the zone, they are said to have a convection zone.

  • corona: the outermost layer of the Sun. The corona extends millions of miles into space and is the hottest part of the surface of the Sun. It has temperatures reaching millions of degrees.  Corona is also something you might want to drink a lot of in the year 5 Billion.

  • a good attorney: Someone who has been trained in the legal profession, spent many years in higher education, is capable in properly representing clients, and is fair and honest. This  is a myth that has been around for 5,000,000,000 years.

  • microwave: a small wave

  • solar eclipse: Non Applicable

  • electromagnetic charge card radiation: energy waves with both electric and magnetic components produced by the vibration or acceleration of the use of charge cards.

  • evaporation: a gradual change of a liquid into a gas without boiling. There won't be much of this in the year 5 Billion.

  • flares: sudden short-lived brightening of the Sun's upper chromosphere/inner corona. They represent an explosive release of energy that causes a  heating of the surrounding area. Right before the sun burns out, you may see one of these.  Don't  look directly into the flare, and by all means make sure to duck.

  • House Managers: Low orbiting negatively charged particles which continue to endlessly circle positively charged protons resulting in a burning sensation consuming an infinite amount of energy with no recognizable output.  

  • Hyde Effect:: An old star that is about to burn out but due to a chemical reaction is showing one last burst of energy prior to implosion.

  • moon burn: a burning sensation on the skin caused from lying outside under the moon without any moon blocking lotion

  • grazing incidence: the degree to which X-rays reflect from a surface and goats want to come home to eat what's left of the lawn.

  • photosphere: the part of the Sun that we see. It is the Sun's lower atmosphere. The photosphere is a few hundred miles thick. It gives off most of its energy as visible light and heat. This is sometimes confused with people who are afraid to have their picture taken.

  • photosynthesis: the process by which chlorophyll-containing green plants, algae, and some bacteria capture energy in the form of light and convert it to chemical energy. This process is used in making photographs on fake Id's.

  • precipitation: in physics and chemistry, the formation of a second, visible phase of matter within a first phase. If, for example, a solution becomes supersaturated with a component that is a solid at the temperature involved, that substance crystallizes as a sediment or may be separated from the liquid phase by filtration.

  • prominences: clouds of gas in the Sun's upper chromosphere / inner corona, with a high density and a lower temperature than their surroundings. When viewed against the brighter disk they appear as dark absorption features and are termed filaments.  In other words, don't stand next to a light wall when the sun explodes unless you want to be prominently displayed forever.

  • respiration: process by which living things take in oxygen and emit carbon dioxide. Respiration also refers to the conversion by a cell of molecules such as carbohydrates and fats to energy, a process called cellular respiration.  People will need to respire in the Year 5000000000 or they will expire before they retire.

  • Starr report: A very expensive 60000 page report linking the Clintonian Starr system to the Big Bang theory.

  • sundowner: depression caused by lack of sun

  • sunspot: the spot where the sun used to be

  • sunstroke: telling the sun it is doing a good job

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